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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Hot Showers Without Huge Bills

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from the air to the water. While it sounds straightforward, the cost efficiencies you can achieve over normal water heaters are nearly threefold, so you can heat your water and stay within your budget.

Incentives for heat pump water heaters are $500 for 50 gallons and $600 for 80 gallons.

Financing is an option too!

NHEC works with a number of lending partners to help support members with financing the cost of a heat pump. Through our Third Party financing option, you can apply for a Heat Pump Loan with any participating lending partner.

  • Loan approval is based solely on the lending institution’s criteria
  •  NHEC will buy down the Loan Interest Rate to 2% through a one-time payment to the lender
  •  Loan amounts up to $15,000 are available
  •  Minimum Loan amount is $1,000

Learn more about heat pump water heaters or For more information about our High Efficiency Heat Pumps and Rebates, please contact Chris Johnson or 603.536.8672