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Supplier Information

For a list of energy suppliers and buying groups registered with the NH Public Utilities Commission to sell electricity in New Hampshire, go to the website:

Energy Suppliers

Commercial and Commercial & Industrial Suppliers


The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative cannot vouch for the accuracy of the NH PUC’s list of energy suppliers or buying groups, or whether the listed parties are actively marketing electricity to customers in the Co-op’s service territory.

This is a general summary of some of the requirements for new competitive suppliers in the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative’s service territory.

Initial Supplier Requirements:

  1. Attend a Supplier Training session which will provide more details on requirements, rules, roles, practices, and relationships between Utilities, Suppliers, and Customers under electric restructuring.
  2. Complete, sign, and have notarized two copies of the appropriate supplier agreements along with two signed and notarized copies of the NHEC Non-Disclosure Agreement with NHEC. See links to the right. Mail them to:

Attn: Les Small
NHEC Restructuring Business Agent
New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc.
579 Tenney Mountain Highway
Plymouth, NH 03264-3154

  1. Pay NHEC’s EDI testing fee and then complete EDI testing with NHEC.
  2. Meet the requirements of and register with the New Hampshire Public Utility Commission.
  3. Must be a NEPOOL participant or be affiliated with a NEPOOL participant.
  4. Complete NHEC load asset registrations for each Metering Domain established by NHEC on the ISO’s market system.
  5. Please also read: NHEC’s tariff: Sections 4 and 5 Member Responsibilities Regarding Competitive Energy Supply & NHEC Transactions with Competitive Suppliers and Market Participant End-Users.

Also, read and become familiar with the NHPUC rules. For questions regarding the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission call them at: 1-800-528-2070 or go to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission website.